When you specialize in finding great talent,

resumes are just the beginning.

Our clients operate in an environment of disruptive velocity.  In this environment, job descriptions “drift” rapidly and technologies are in high demand (or become obsolete) seemingly overnight.  The value of a resume comes into question as skills become the price of entry and factors like fit, perseverance, and “grit” determine organizational success.  Disruptive velocity changes more than the pace of work.  


It also changes the nature of work.  Increasingly, success requires people to think more analytically, logically, and collaboratively.  Reason, rather than rote memorization, defines success, and this makes deep assessment and fit a critical element in the

hiring process. 


Continuous learning, understanding industry trends and staying abreast of the constantly-changing talent needs of our clients are key to our success.

We review hundreds of candidates for every search, but we only present candidates who are a perfect match.

As a boutique firm, we are far less encumbered by the “hands-off” requirements that characterize our larger, multi-sector competitors. This allows us to be fast but never hasty. 

We carefully manage each client’s brand and ensure that every search enhances that brand. We look after our candidates, giving them the best possible experience, and our responsibility as a search partner extends well beyond the first day on the job.